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kulupu wi wawa unu

this page is (most) of the covers in SHITFUCKER BITCHEAD, one of my albums. some are not here, either because theyll be shown later, are bad drawn over crusty jpgs of karkat homestuck, or were not drawn by me, or will never be shown on this site but on another as soon as another project is finished.

starting with the main cover ! this guy is uh. well its a guy. theres no story behind them. at first, I wanted the cover of this album to be a picture of a baby with SHITFUCKER BITCHEAD written in red over it, but maybe a cool art would have been better so i did a cool art. also, why that album name ? idk, sounded funny.

here's a cool sonic fanart, used as a cover in an album with no sonic music ! i think tails and big would be really good friends and would often go on fishing trips together. i had to learn how to draw tails too. Eventually, when the sketchbook that has this training will be put on the site, well laugh together at how badly i draw faces.

the songs that have this cover sound a lot like my first album, transhumances. transhumances is also so far the album that had the most success, and probably my favourite one. the first track that has this cover (Im Sorry I Will Never Try To Replicate Transhumances Ever Again) was started as the first track of a "transhumances 2" album. This project quickly fell off. the 2nd track that has this cover (I Dont Have Thalassophobia (Manifesting)) was made just for funsies. i also like that second one.

ah yes. my favourite cover art in this album. i really like how it came out. its a plathelmynth (a kind of seaslugs) with ten swords stabbed in its back. only male plathelmynths reproduce. they stab each other with a sword like bone penis, and the winner injects his semen into the other, which stores it. Eventually, plathelmynths all become females, and when they do they use the stored semen to fecundate and lay their eggs.

ah yes, what would be a kpwu creation without nihilism and pessimism. i also like this cover. its karkat from homestuck, sitting near a bonfire in a desert. he has no more wood for the fire, so if this one goes out hell have to endure the cold night. he also doesnt have food anymore. if you couldn't tell, the last 3 tracks of the album are all karkalicious but increasingly bitcrushed. this one is so bitcrushed you can't even hear that it was something before. its basically audio dust, a residue that you can't tell what it was before. one of my favourite tracks as well.

as a bonus, here are some more convenient names for each track :

  • :despair: => I can make drum n bass what do you mean this isnt drum n bass
  • n n n => bitcrush my balls into dust
  • uuuhhhh => maybe this one is good but why are the chords so long [...]
  • door in the forest => im sorry i will never try to replicate transhumances [...]
  • thalassophobia => i dont have thalassophobia (manifesting)
  • Infini palace => I feel sick but the drums are good [...]
  • Lucifer battle => speaking of lucifer [...]
  • labyrinth => this hallway is even more long [...]
  • Cathedral => this sounds horrible. im so sorry. [...]
  • Masakado => this is also from the same series [...]
  • underground tunnels => this is also from that series but an earlier game [...]
  • yamato reactor breakdown => last one from that series [...]
  • into void => this one is so old. god
  • crystal needle => another old one but i think its okay
  • angels, drapped in light (midi ver) => wdym this track is from underground rebirth
  • computer mouse (midi ver) => neither is this one [...]
  • dwellers in space (midi ver) => sometimes you don't know what youre doing [...]
  • backroom funk => how old is this one... too much [...]
  • blue castle => kingdom hearts... is light !!!
  • smoke => nvm kingdom hearts is darkness
  • dream beasts => come on grandpa just a few more steps
  • dream devourer => tm#42
  • fear => this track cover was made by my friend @mantyz on instagram [...]
  • flooded core => old ass vent track [...]
  • nuclear => they call me 10 of swords [...]
  • rayquaza => (don't actually look up plathelmynth sex)
  • shredding in the forest => (or maybe do [...])
  • god of the modern world => in all seriousness the reproductive cycle of plathelmynths [...]
  • solar => how HIGH do you HAVE to BE to fight the fucking SUN
  • karkalicious bitcrush ver => 1st of the karkalicious trio
  • karkalicious bitcrush ver bitcrush ver => 2nd of the karkalicious trio
  • in the end, not even dust will remain.