kulupu wi wawa unu


i'm kpwu, pronounced kuh pee wah u
i like gaming and stuff, my favourite games are shin megami tensei 4, mother 3, monolith, and the echo visual novel. We also like ttrpgs, preferably making them and being gm. (you can see a bit of them in the ttrpgs section when it's done)
i also draw (maybe sometimes well put a drawing on this site, or you can search for our socials) and write (yeah in writings), and i make music on bandcamp
uhhhh what else. my favourite color is purple (no joke)

Currently ongoing on the site

Things that are currently ongoing on the site : Pattering steps among the crushing wheels of time (or psatcwot) which will be updated daily during each cycle, with a bit of pause between them. (i only start publishing a cycle when it's entirely written).
and also the blog ! which i update somewhat frequently with thoughts or rants or other stuff.
the art page is also updated often in batches
from time to time we update the monolith ttrpg, which is in the ttrpg category.

to contact us

you can send us an email on, or on discord at kpwu#7179.

if you want to put a button to this site on yours...

here's a button design you can use :kpwu button

or click on it to go see my neocity profile !