kulupu wi wawa unu


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1 - Seven seeds

Within the dream, the Argillacreantis spread seven seeds across the planets to populate it. Each seed gave birth to a tribe.

The first seed sprouted in the northern silver cloaked forests. It gave birth to the Pennalucis, ethereal beings of light and wings.

The second seed sprouted in the western desert. It gave birth to the Umbradesertus, shadowy beings collecting detritus and trash in their hoard.

The third seed sprouted on the planet's satellite. It gave birth to the Tesserelunae, shiny octahedrons who built city on the moon.

The fourth seed sprouted in the northmost barren lands. It gave birth to the Magnacorona, magnetic beings surrounded by metallic debris.

The fifth seed sprouted in the great plains in the south. It gave birth to the Raninanis, cave dwellers plagued with visions of the void.

The sixth seed sprouted in mountains neither to the south nor to the north. It gave birth to the Formamutatio, shapeshifters living in fear of the other tribes.

The seventh and last seed sprouted in a large city to the northeast. It gave birth to the Pestincolis, beings made of conglomerated bacteria, virii and germs.

Their work done, the Argillacreantis turned themselves to stone statues and made a vow to never interfere with their creations.

2 - The Monolith appears

Unforseen to the Argillacreantis was the presence -or appearance- of a black monolith in the Umbradesertus' territory. The monolith radiates a strange power, one that reaches beyond time and space.

But despite the tremendous power of the slab, it would remain undiscovered for aeons.

a desert. The shadows are tinted in blue and the yellow sunlight of the setting sun paint long shadows on the ground. There are rocky mountains in the background. Some shrubs here and there. In the middle of the picture, a black monolith stands. Around it, a white greenish aura shines.

3 - Humanity

Also unforseen to the Argillacreantis was the existence of a previous life form on the planet. Indeed, they had not seen, or had disregarded the existence of humans on the planets.

The humans had not been created by the Argillacreantis, and as such possessed a potential greater than the sum of all the other tribes, as no creation can possess a greater power than their creator themselves hold.

Thus, the potential of the humans was unbound. But that potential was unrealized, and so they were amidst the weakest tribe.

The Umbradesertis and the Lunatesseris, meanwhile, held great power, nearly as powerful as the Argillacreantis themselves.

4 - Pennalucis Crisis

The pure white lights of the Pennalucis were highly coveted, especially amongst the Magnacorona tribe. These lights had the property of never growing dull, and of never getting sullied.

As such, the Magnacorona began to hunt down the Pennalucis for their wings.

Due to the slow reproductive cycle of the winged beasts, this hunt nearly drove to extinction. As a defensive measure, the Pennalucis started to communicate between themselves, something which they rarely did before.

The ethereal nature of the Pennalucis turned this communication into something much more important; indeed, before long the Pennalucis formed a hivemind.

A majority of them were not assimilated in that hivemind, but a non negligeable portion had joined it.

The hivemind called itself the Angels, but was also known as the Pennalegis.

5 - Winged law

Feeling threatened by the Magnacorona's hunt, the Pennalegis strategized their shot at survival. For them to survive, they would need to destroy every other tribes.

Fearing the retributions the Argillacreantis would rain over them when they would see their creation destroying itself, they destroyed all of the massive stone statues into which the creators had turned.

As they saw that destruction happen, the Argillacreantis gave up on their dream. They realized that the very thing they had escaped had followed them.

One of the Argillacreantis however broke the vow just before turning to stone. Infatuated with a human, they fell in love and left them a child, the descendant.

But even their love could not stop the angels, as the Argillacreantis understood that they were outsiders to this world. They let the Pennalegis destroy them, but for now left the infatuated human and their child alive.

This would prove to be the angels' biggest mistake, as the descendant inherited not only the infinite potential of humanity, but also the awe-inspiring powers of the Argillacreantis.

6 - Banished

After their success with the Argillacreantis, the angels chose their next target. They decided that the tribes of the Umbradesertis and the Tesserelunae posed the biggest danger out of all the remaining tribes, and that they should be the next ones eliminated.

The Umbradesertis held a great power : they could create cracks in reality. Unfortunately, if they did not restrain themselves, the cracks could run deep and could never be mended.

The Pennalegis knew this, and they provoked the Umbradesertis to a great war. The war only held a single battle, on the Umbradesertis' territory.

Suddenly targeted by a surprise attack, and with a lackluster communication and organisation, the Umbradesertis got shortsighted and many of the members of the tribe used their powers. Nearly instantly, they all realized their mistake as the entirety of them fell into the void between dimensions, where they still lay banished to this day.

The Tesserelunae similarly held a great power. Though they could not pierce the fabric of reality, they could bend it and ripple it at will. But, similarly to the Umbradesertis' power, they knew not to abuse that power, as it could easily create separate bubbles in reality, which would be lost forever.

But, unforseen to them, they were also blindsighted on their own territory. The same tactic that was used for the banishing of the Umbradesertis was used for the banishing of the Tesserelunae, and their own power was their bane.

The chaos that resulted from the many ripples in the lunar underground capital propulsed the entirety of the tribe inside a bubble in reality, where today even they lay banished.

No one had ever seen the void between dimensions, but it was simply that : an endless void with no thing.

No one had ever seen the folded space of the reality bubbles, but it was a space in which all of reality, and all of time, all that was, that is, that will be, everywhere, was happening all at once.

In the endless void, the Umbradesertis lost their form. They became shapeless mounds, as dark as the void around them.

Under the constant stimuli, the Tesserelunae lost their form, and became bright stars of knowledge and emotions. From their folded realm, they discovered they could appear into the dreams of others, but again knew not to abuse that power, as the terrifying possibilities of parallel universes running infinite was not one they wanted to multiply their currrent hell by.

7 - Digital Beings

The Formamutatio were the weakest tribe. Their only strenght lay in their shapeshifting abilities, but their physical strenght could never back these forms.

Seeing the destructive rampage of the Angels, they feared for the future. But, in their dreams, the former Tesserelunae spoke and offered their solution.

They were to build a device called "server", which in many centuries would be integrated in a vast web of knowledge, and they were to turn themselves into abstract ideas and enter that device. Closely following the instructions they heard whispered in their sleep, they completed the device, as well as the machine that would digitalize them.

But, when they began the process of digitalization, the Pennalegis started to attack the tribe. They fought back with all they could, to send as many Formamutatio to the undergound server. Unfortunately, they could not defend for a long time.

In the end, only 32 members of the tribe had been digitalized. The rest of the tribe, the thousands of other Formutatio, had all been killed by the Angels.

[CHAT START] PRG.R17 & PRG.R25 DATE:13/07/107

>>R17: Are you all right ?
>>R25: i
>>R25: how do i
>>R25: its [horrible]
>>R17: Calm down. It's horrible but we can do [nothing] about it.
>>R25: and yet
>>R25: and yet did the [dream_dwellers] really not [forsee] this ??
>>R17: They did what was right. They saved [as_many] as they could.
>>R25: but so many
>>R25: [died]
>>R25: how do i [cry] in this [new_existence]
>>R25: how do i cry [without_a_body]
>>R17: I wish I could tell you. I wish we had [answers], or a [goal], or something to light the [way] before us.
>>R25: i don't know if
>>R25: if i want to [go_on].
>>R17: I know. I don't know [either].


8 - Hole in a sealed jar

The Raninanis kept hidden undergound. They knew little of the world outside, and that world knew little of their existence.

However, they knew many a thing about the void between dimensions, and how to open gates to it and evoke it in the mind of others. Regularly, they held experiments on creating safe passageways to the void.

But, one time, in the safe abode of their burrows, they opened a gate too big to be controlled. The gate swallowed in the void a major part of the tribe and destroyed many burrows.

This accident was the instigator of a major generational trauma that would run for aeons after the event. They changed nearly their whole way of life afterward. Their homes, usually devoid of superfluous decorations, were now filled as much as possible. The many empty spaces that used to separate their different living spaces were now filled in by walls, who themselves were richly covered.

9 - Fated heir

The descendant had lived a peaceful life in a village. They had a childhood filled with memories of wheat fields, stargazing and bug catching, unaware of they potential they had.

But, one day the angel came. They had tracked the child down, and had scoured the land for the village in which they lived. And soon after finding it, they rained destruction onto it. They burned the houses down, and violently executed all the villagers they found.

But the human parent of the descendant had hidden their child in the basement of their house, where neither flame nor light would reach. Through a crack in the floor, however, the descendant saw all the people they had grew up with get mercilessly killed.

Blinded by rage, their powers suddenly awoke. Colorful explosions and multicolored rays of light waged war against holy smoke and blades of pure light, but eventually the descendant prevailed.

The Pennalegis, suddenly fearing yet another, planted their swords into the sky and fled to another land, which they decided to inhabit. They raised protective barriers after barriers, sealing the entrance to anyone, but especially to the descendant.

The golden fields of their childhood dyed red with the blood of their long time friends, the descendant vowed to never forgive the angels. They would bring the Pennalegis' demise, be it by their own hand or by aiding that of another.

10 - Peaceful wings

While the angels would sometimes recruit unwilling Pennalucis to the hivemind, those would rarely have a say in joining. However, sometimes it could happen that the connection to the rest of the hivemind would be weaker for some of its elements, and that these would break out.

The fallen angels that would break out were called Pennadecussis. Resenting the needless destruction that the angel saw as necessary, they gathered in farms and tended to their crops, avoiding conflict and instead choosing to lead a simple life.

They could never go back to the wild beasts they were as Pennalucis, but instead chose lifestyles that were similarly simple.

The first angel to have fallen is known as the Rex Angelus Taciturnus, often shortened to RAT. Their break had been organized by the desendant, but they didn't associate with other fallens much. They too held a great power, as they had been a powerful angel in the hivemind.

11 - Destroyed by one's own hands

Now that the angels knew of the full potential of humanity, they feared it more than ever. The angels decided to annihilate humanity, but they knew they would not succeed in a direct war, as it would accelerate the growth of humanity's power.

The Pennalegis also made pacts with many of the human's rulers, offering them powers such as making miracles or simply guidance in times of doubt.

This all resulted in the rise of many religions in many parts of the world, in which angels had not only an authority but were respected and even feared.

Using many of these religions and connections, the Pennalegis started wars between humans, in which thousands died.

These connections also gave a very high control of humanity to the angels, making it near impossible for humans to rebel against them en masse.

12 - Towers piercing to the heavens

This plan, however, weakened over time. When at first humans were hostile enough to each other to start wars, upon time they mellowed and the wars became less frequent. The wars would be shorter and make less victims.

The hold of religion over humans also lessened over time, but they discovered a solution to that. Humans didn't stop believing, they had rather shifted their beliefs from the immaterial to the material. It was an age of blatant and uncontrollable capitalism, and the angels devised a plan around that.

They would remove the humanity from humans, and make them into a tribe that the angels had created, limiting the potential of humans to be only equal to that of angels at most.

They created a machine using the embryo of a being made from the corpses of many Pennalegis. The sacrifice that led to the creation of this humanity inhibitor wiped out a sizeable part of the hivemind.

All they needed now was a way for the humans to get in contact with the machine. To do this, they built towers that would link the earth and the angel land. These towers were not towers, but rather singular rooms floating in the void, between which one would be transported in a way that would give the illusion of a single building.

To test these towers in depth, they chose the sewers of a city, one that has since long disappeared from every map.

13 - Waters turn clear

Of course, the ones who dwelled among dreams knew of this plan. As everything that is, they knew the road it would take and how they would influence this road. Everything was predetermined to them, even their own actions, and in fear of eternal suffering they would follow this predetermination closely.

Using their powers to manipulate the slumbering minds, they appeared before the descendant, and before the leader of every tribe. Together, all of them devised a plan to stop the angels.

This plan was not out of love for humanity, but out of fear of the angels, and out of fear of extinction. If the Pennalegis successfully eradicated humans, they would no doubt attack the remaining tribes afterward.

Another precious ally the ones who dwell in dreams managed to include in their plan was the Rex Angelus Taciturnus. The negociations with them had been long and harduous, but in the end the RAT agreed that if the angels were not stopped then, they could never be stopped.

The plan devised was as such : the Magnacorona, the Raninanis and the Pestincolis would each cover an equal area of the sewers, exclusive to their tribe. The Formutatio would be in charge of communication between every tribe, and finally, the RAT and the Descendant were to circle the whole area in two opposite spirals, always at an opposite position to each other.

This formation was made so that, no matter where the angels would attack, they would be met with opposition.

14 - But blood does not wash away

However, the plan did not work. As the circled around, the RAT saw that the tribes were not prepared for combat. And, as they finished their first rotation, they were alerted that the angels had begun appearing.

Despite the lack of preparation, the angels were still dispatched by the Magnacorona. But then, more and more angels started appearing, until a large congregation of angels was reported at the center of the sewers, the only point where the territory of all three tribes met.

In a hurry, the RAT and the Descendant both rushed to that point, and fought the angels. However, in the confusion of the battle, the RAT received a blow to the head and lost consiousness.

Not missing this opportunity, the angels quickly lifted the RAT's body and integrated it back in the hivemind, in a position much harder to escape from.

The angels had acquired an asset that would easily allow them to win any future battle. But, before retreating, they decided to use their newly acquired weapon.

Unleashing the forlorn power of the Rex Angelus Taciturnus, the angels bore a hole through the earth, turning the city above the battlefield into a lifeless pit.

In that destruction, every tribe, save for the angels and the Formutatio lost millions of members. Even the descendant sustained heavy injuries and would remain in such a state for a long time.

The tribes that sustained heavy casualties all decided to not attack the angels directly. Their leaders captured, they would remain far away from the paths of angels and humans and lead peaceful lives.